Coronavirus alert

Please note there are currently no face-to-face appointments being held. Contact 01305 363019 if you require assistance (currently the only phone number in operation). Check if you have Coronavirus sypmtoms at the NHS 111 website.

One-to-one peer support image One-to-one peer support

The PainPals Volunteers Information

Do you feel alone with your pain? Isolated?  We can help!  We are a group of volunteers both patients and ex patients, who because we too live with chronic pain, can offer you support in a variety of ways. It is however important to bear in mind we are not clinicians and therefore are unable to give clinical advice.

Helpline - 01202 858361 or

Open Mon-Fri 11am to 5pm; Wed 14:00 - 17:00 only. See below for detailed information regarding our Helpline.


There is a Facebook “Dorset PainPals” support group. Although this is strictly outside of the NHS Pain service and beyond our role as volunteers, it is managed by some of us volunteers and there is some additional support offered by the Pain service staff if we meet any issues. It is completely closed to NHS staff and only managed by people living with chronic pain.

Coffee mornings

We have well established coffee mornings throughout the county. They have however been suspended due to the COVID-19 outbreak. We will let you know when they are back up and running.